Have fun going places and doing good with purpose!

Are you tired of being home, unable to travel? Do you want to see and experience new places? Are you interested in volunteering or giving back but don’t know where to start?

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Vacationing with Purpose is the answer.​

Vacationing with Purpose gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most exotic places in Africa and the Caribbean. Immerse yourself into the cultures while giving back. You can see your vacation dollars at work developing the community empowering women and youth.​

Want to go on vacation and believe in helping others?

Look no further! Vacationing with Purpose creates adventures that can also have a positive impact, see our vacation packages and we know you will have a fantastic time while helping others. 


Mission Statement

Vacationing with Purpose’s mission is to ensure that our clients engage in purpose-driven tours that fill their souls. A positive impact is developed for both our clients and the communities we help.


Our Objectives

  • Create fun and purpose driven vacations for our clients so they can give back, engage with, and learn from the communities that they are visiting.
  • Create a wonderful work environment for our partners and our employees so they feel valued and give the best of themselves each day.
  • Use the profits from our tours to improve lives in the countries in which we make our revenues, we give back 30-50% of the profit by partnering with local NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies by rolling up our sleeves to complete projects.  We do not just donate– we get involved!!

Vision Statement

Each time we take a vacation we are creating an inclusive and engaged world where we all contribute to each other’s well-being.

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How do we do this?