Bicycling Tours

Have you dreamt of getting on your bicycle to ride across Africa or your favorite Caribbean nations? Riding along the coast of Cape Town, riding to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, riding up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, riding the hills and valleys of the Mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho, riding in the forest of  Uganda while you bird watch, cruising through the villages of Ghana stopping at waterfalls to swim. Or do you just want to take a leisurely ride to the beach in Sierra Leone or Jamaica and relax, drink some coconut water and take a nap. Whatever your dream cycling tour is, we can tailor it for you and your group.

And if you so desire, we will include the volunteer opportunity which will give greater meaning and purpose to your trip.  Share with us where you want to go and how long you want to stay and we will curate the best experience for you with your own personal guide.

A road in Uganda with an elephant crossing road sign
#11 Lesotho Youth Center Cyclist outside Center IMG-20211002-WA0013

Cycling Tour Packages

Tanzania Cycling Tours

Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, one of the oldest national parks in the world.

Uganda Cycling Tours

Landlocked country located in East Africa known as, “the Pearl Of Africa”.

Namibia Cycling Tours

Namibia is a country in Southwest Africa known for its beautiful wild life.

Ghana Cycling Tours

Officially named the republic of Ghana, Ghana is an exciting country located in West Africa.

Rwanda Cycling Tours

Take a ride through the landlocked nation in East Africa’s Great Rift Valley,  Rwanda it is!

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