Our merchandising pages are used to celebrate creations made by artists in different sectors from the Caribbean and Africa who have agreed to let us feature their products knowing that it will be used to generate funds to support the artists themself and the community they live in, or a project that they chose to support.  

We call our brand design by P.U.R.P.O.S.E because it’s a collective of people coming together to share talent and resources to empower communities, create opportunities that promote security, support sports and education. The acronym is borrowed from our nonprofit sister Learn more after you have purchased a few products

Jewelry Sets

Collaborating with local artists, Vacationing with Purpose offers a variety of elegant handcrafted jewelry meant to spice up your outfits for any occasion. Purchasing any of these sets will support the artists who put in tremendous creativity and time into these wonderful creations.

Handmade beaded green bag and handmade bracelets
Handmade beaded and painted yellow necklace set with earrings and bracelet
Waist beads display
Yellow necklace with earrings and bracelet


Our selection of T-shirts are created by our partner Positive Gear who design tees that uplift and motivate with inspirational messages that are geared towards making you a better human being. We encourage you to buy one of these shirts from us and the proceeds go towards one of our projects in Ghana and Jamaica. These 2 countries are always in the heart of the owner of Positive Gear and he is vested in helping the youth in elevating themselves.

Each T-shirt costs $35.00. This includes shipping and handling within the USA, and can be printed in the size and color of your preference -S, M, L, XL. All Shirts are unisex and are available to all genders.

White shirt that reads, "A bad day only lasts 24 hours"
Black shirt that reads in cursive, "Always grateful"
Black shirt that reads, "If you can't be positive"
White shirt that reads in cursive, "A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear"