Student Study Abroad & International Programs

We believe every student should have the ability to travel!

Our summer volunteer and study abroad programs give high schools and colleges the opportunity to broaden the world view of their students in and out of the classroom.  They can learn about other cultures while performing community service projects in Africa or the Caribbean.  We can help to find the right program for you and your students.

Our team will help you to navigate the journey once you decide which country you and your students want to visit and what type of projects you want to do. For example, do you want to help to teach STEM classes in local villages while your students engage in refurbishing the local school or health center or help to teach different sports? Your students will spend 2-6 weeks seeing the sites, eating the local cuisine, learning the culture and languages. But most importantly they will be excited by the many places they get to visit and activities they engage in, with us there is no boredom.

Or maybe you want to give your sports team an opportunity to play with other youth in a different country, we can set up invitational matches in soccer for your girls or boys teams, so on and off the field there is a real cultural exchange. Your team would then support the local team by bringing gears to them.

We’ll handle all of the logistics and we’ll work with parents and students directly to answer any of their tour questions. That means instead of planning and handling every single detail yourself as a teacher or a coach, you’ll be free to stay focused on your priorities of teaching, learning and exploring.

We are creating summer programs in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Lesotho, Uganda, and Tanzania. Your safety, education and ensuring that you have a fulfilling experience is Vacationing with Purpose and our sister agency Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E’s top priority.

Contact us to tell us of your dream tour and we will ensure that you wake to that reality.