About Us

We are a social enterprise committed to spending our profit on improving people’s lives and enriching the communities in the countries that provide our revenues. We will do so by creating economic developments for our people, improving education, access to health care, employment and recreational opportunities for our youth to keep them off the streets, and channeling their energies into productive ventures.

Who Are We?

We are social entrepreneurs who are change makers committed to uplifting communities across Africa and the Caribbean by using tourism to address the economic and social problems that are plaguing our communities. We will use 30% or more of our profit from Vacationing with Purpose Tours to address the disparities that are experienced by the poor and the marginalized in the societies we are visiting. We address these issues through our nonprofit sister organization Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E, Inc. and local organizations that share our vision and commitment to eliminating poverty, and to improving our environment.

Meet The Team

Christeen Francis:

Greetings all, I am Christeen Francis, LCSW, CCM. I am a Social Worker and the founder of Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E, Inc. and Vacationing with Purpose. 

These two organizations were created to provide us with meaningful ways to give back, to learn from each other, and to provide for each other. It is my dream to see all the countries of the world, especially those in Africa and in the Caribbean. Come travel with me, and together we can do some good on purpose!

Contact me at christeen@vwptours.com

Ngozi Williams:

I am Ngozi Williams, MBA, the Chief Executive Officer of Vacationing with Purpose. 

I joined the US Navy in 2014 and caught the traveling bug. The  community impact pushed my eagerness that I made at each port, from volunteering, to being pen pals with young children, to painting churches, and even making community gardens. That’s why Vacationing With Purpose is so amazing and unique. We strive to create long lasting memories filled with fun and philanthropy. You are invited to join us!  

Contact me at Ngozi@vwptours.com

Esther Tawiah:​

Hi my name is Esther Tawiah. I am a Development Manager by profession and the Director of Marketing with Vacationing with Purpose- Ghana. I am here to offer you an amazing travel experience with Vacationing with Purpose throughout Africa.

Ghana is indeed the gateway to Africa. Come visit us, you are welcome to this beautiful land of ours. I am dedicated to creating great travel experiences and a strong commitment to service. Hospitality awaits you! So join me and let’s have fun together. Woezo!! Moohee!! Akwaaba!!! Welcome!!

Contact me at Esther@vwptours.com

Wendy Chana:​

Hello, I am Wendy Chana, I am a mother of two who loves to cook, loves to travel and to take care of others and loves to give back. As the Director of Catering for Vacationing with Purpose I get to merge these passions. Come spend time with us…a meal awaits you! 

Contact me at Wendy@vwptours.com

Patrice Panton:

Akwaaba means welcome. We welcome you to Mother Africa. I am Patrice Panton, I am a music producer, who moved from Jamaica to Ghana.  I am the Director of Entertainment and Tours at Vacationing with Purpose. My goal is to ensure that you have an awesome and an enriching experience while you are in our care.

Contact me at Patricia@vwptours.com

Ursula Sanders:

Welcome, I am Ursula Sanders, MSEd, at Vacationing with Purpose. I am the Director of  Educational Programming. I have also worked in Corporate America where I first discovered my love of travel. I believe that the level of experiential learning provided by travel is truly immeasurable and invaluable. I invite you to join us on a spectacular journey. Trust me when I say, it will change your life!

Contact me at Ursula@vwptours.com

Belinda Haughton:

Hello vacationers, I am Belinda Haughton. I am the Communications Officer for Vacationing with Purpose. I hold a MS degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. I honestly was not a big lover of traveling but soon realized with each trip I took that the only way to see the world, have great experiences, and meet wonderful and diverse people is to travel more. You too can have the same experiences, all while giving back. Come travel with us for and on purpose!

Contact me at Belinda@vwptours.com